How to Fix Fret Buzz


Fret Buzz is Annoying!

Fret buzz is one of the most common problems to effect guitars. If you are experiencing it, you’re not alone. As a full time luthier and shop owner, I’ve probably fixed several thousand cases of fret buzz. In this article I’ll share the top 8 causes of fret buzz and I’ll also share the secret that I’ve learned about fret buzz (a secret so obvious that most guitarists completely overlook it).

The Top 8 Causes of Fret Buzz

1. Back Bow in the Neck.
2. Forward Bow in the Neck.
3. Action too Low at the Nut.
4. Action too Low at the Bridge.
5. Your Picking

How to Improve Your Sound


My name is Orion Kubow and I want to explain a simple method which I used to completely improve the sound and feel of my guitar. Rather than just throw a bunch of information at you, I thought I’d begin this post by asking you some questions.


  • Have you ever wondered why some guitars have fret buzz?
  • Have you noticed that chords sound out of tune on some guitars even when the guitar is perfectly tuned to pitch?
  • Have you ever noticed that some guitars just feel better than others to play?

The reasons for these problems used to be a mystery to me. I assumed that some guitars

How a Truss Rod Works


Not quite sure how that steel rod in your guitar neck works? The video clip below should explain things.The same principles apply to electric guitars, bass guitars and acoustic guitars with truss rods.

As the clip shows, a guitar truss rod is a steel rod that runs down the length of most guitar and bass necks (with the exception of classical guitars). Loosening it or tightening it can help to straighten out a bowed neck.

The Adjustments

- Loosening a truss rod relieves tension on the neck and allows the pressure exerted by the strings to pull