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FretMD.com is an online sharing and learning center for musicians, luthiers and guitar techs. Fret MD seeks to provide the resources that musicians need in order to solve problems and attain peak performance from their fretted musical instruments through proper care, setup, maintenance and repair. Fret MD and Fretmd.com are trademarks of Kubow Productions.


Orion Kubow
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Orion Kubow is the primary founder and editor of fretmd.com. Orion is also the Director, producer and editor of the Fret MD DVDs, which he co-produced with Al Markasky. With a lot of help from Markasky and others, Orion created the blueprints for this site and then oversaw its development. Orion is a self taught guitarist and keyboard player.

Writers and Major Contributors

Al Markasky
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Al Markasky is a luthier with over thirty years of hands on experience setting up, fixing, altering and repairing guitars. In his life he’s probably carried out close to five thousand guitar setups. Al is also the owner of Sylvan Music a popular music store in Santa Cruz, California. In addition to his extensive experience and solid credentials, Al is the host and co-producer of the Fret MD DVD series and the primary contributor to Fretmd.com.

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