Acoustic Guitar Setup and Maintenance

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Product Description

This video includes essential techniques for improving the overall sound, feel, look and playability of a steel stringed acoustic guitar. Al Markasky, a professional luthier with over thirty years of experience, shares his accumulated knowledge and demonstrates his carefully refined setup and maintenance techniques. This video was shot on three cameras for maximum visual coverage and includes high quality 3D computer animation for reference, as well as notation of standard and metric measurements used during setup.

Contents Include:

1. Neck Adjustment
2. Filing Nut Slots
2b. Raising a Low Nut
3. Raising a Low Saddle
3b. Lowering a High Saddle

1. Restringing a Guitar
2. Cleaning a Dirty Fret Board
3. Cleaning a Dirty Fret Board (Razor Blade)

Bonus Material
1. Truss Rod Explained
2. Guitar Anatomy
3. Steve Visits Al
4. Blupers

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