Electric Guitar and Bass Setup and Maintenance

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Product Description
This video details includes essential techniques for improving the overall sound, feel, look and playability of an electric guitar or bass. Al Markasky, a professional luthier and shop owner with over thirty years of experience, shares his accumulated knowledge and demonstrates his carefully refined and perfected Five Step Setup™ technique. This video was shot on three cameras for maximum visual coverage and includes visual notation of both standard and metric measurements used during setup.

Topics covered include


  • Neck Assessment and Adjustment
  • Nut Adjustment (Filing down Slots)
  • Nut Adjustment (Raising a Low Nut)
  • Setting Action at the Bridge (on a Fender Style Bridge)
  • Setting Into nation Properly (on a Fender Style Bridge)
  • Setting Pickup Height
  • Special Considerations for Bass


  • Cleaning a Dirty Fretboard (with Naptha)
  • Cleaning a Dirty Fretboard (with a Razor Blade)
  • Cleaning out Potentiometers

Bonus Material

  • Notes on Pickups and Electronics
  • Guitar Anatomy 101
  • Mike and Ron Visit Al (Ron and Mike Visit Al and play Autumn Leaves and an up tempo Blues Number)

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